Churh AV

MVC5 was approached by the Dutch Reformed Church Queenswood in Pretoria for a solution to their AV challenge. The church serves an old age home, Huis Herfsblaar, right next door.

The Church had the need to upgrade their current system to not only provide audio to Huis Herfsblaar, but video also. A strategic meeting was setup with all the parties involved to find out exactly what was needed.

Schematic representation of the system.

The needs were:

  • Audio and video to Huis Herfblaar;
  • Clear video images on the system;
  • A wireless connection between the two properties;
  • An AV distribution system to the mothers room as an upgrade to the current system;

In the consultation process, MVC5 identified that the church also wanted to upgrade their internal system to the mother room and vestry. This made it easy for MVC5 to propose that this system should then also include video as the current system only included audio. Audio-only systems tend to exclude a lot of parents from services when making use of these parent rooms.

Through continuous communication and feedback, a consensus was reached on what would be the best solution. This lead to the implementation process and final stages of the project.

The final system included:

  • High quality video capturing equipment;
  • A network orientated AV distribution system;
  • HDMI Matrix units specific to network systems;
  • Video switcher/mixer that is of high quality;


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