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MVC5 provides turnkey solutions for all audio and visual requirements to corporate and entertainment clients in South Africa.

MVC5 Production Equipment provides professional consultation on client’s needs, interprets their requirements and deliver the perfect solution with only the client’s best interest at heart. MVC5 consults and drives an array of projects varying from:

Consultation  Installation  Sales

Audio Visual system design is an elegant discipline that must be treated with absolute care and craft. The staff at MVC5 possess the knowledge and skills to know that:
• Every space has its own characteristics;
• And a generic system cannot satisfy all the requirements;
• Therefore, the appropriate equipment needs to be specified for a specific application;
• While exceptional attention to detail and aesthetics must be followed.
• The most important aspect will be the experience by guests.

Company Structure

MVC5 is registered as a closed – corporation and has the following leadership structure:



Waldo Viljoen

Education and Experience

University of Pretoria - BEng Industrial Engineering Registered Professional Engineer (Industrial) at Engineering Council of South Africa
10 years’ experience working in the Engineering and Business environment leading and implementing numerous projects.

Henro Ritchie

University of Pretoria - BEng Electronic Engineering (Specialization Music Technology – Honours Level)
15 years’ experience in the Engineering and Sound Engineering environment.
Noteworthy projects include the 2010 World Cup Closing Ceremony, the 2010 South African Music Awards and numerous other Live concerts and Theatre Productions. Furthermore, Henro has designed and implemented numerous projects in the Engineering and Sound System environments.

Dirk Knoetze

University of Pretoria University of Pretoria University of Pretoria University of Pretoria - BSc Medical Science , Smaart Training – System Measurement Acoustic Analysis Real-time Tool, Crestron Technical Institute - Crestron Programming, L'Acoustics -System Fundamentals and Kara System
10 years’ experience in Sound Engineering, Sound System Design and Installation
Dirk is well versed in designing and installing Audio Visual systems.

Eddie de Jager

University of Pretoria - BA Hons Drama (Theatre Acting, Directing, Digital Media Studies, and Writing for Media) Walden University Certificate in Business Administration
8 years’ experience in Theatre Management and Operation
As an artist Eddie has extensive experience in both performing and managing theatre productions and films.


MVC5 was established in 2007 and since then it grew from a small live sound and DJ company to an engineering and skill based, sales and installation company. This experience in live sound coupled with engineering expertise enables MVC5 to provide high quality design and installations that exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations. Furthermore, MVC5 maintains an active relationship with their clients to provide continuous support.
MVC5 has installed and serviced churches, schools, and corporate institutions in South Africa. The staff of MVC5 go out of their way to build intentional relationships with our clients. In addition to extensive experience, staff training includes electronic and industrial engineering degrees from the University of Pretoria and Smaart Training. MVC5 is also fortunate to have a member with an Honours Degree in Arts which provides an in depth understanding of the entertainment industry. MVC5 staff is well versed in computer assisted design packages (CAD) to provide detailed designs and simulations to ensure successful installations.


MVC5 will endeavour to provide the best solution to the client’s requirements. MVC5 will never provide a solution to maximise profit at the expense of the client. MVC5 will therefore specify equipment from various vendors and suppliers to provide the best solution. MVC5 has experience with numerous well known and established brands, including Yamaha, Soundcraft, Allen & Heath, Midas, RCF, L-Acoustic, JBL, Meyer, Shure, Sennheiser, Countryman, DPA and Fohhn.


MVC5 also distributes Fohhn AG products in South Africa. Fohhn AG provides specialized Loudspeaker products and systems to solve unique acoustic problems. Fohhn AG provides a large pool of knowledge on solutions for various clients all over Europe and the world.

Previous clients

  • The University of Pretoria – Audio design.
  • Senmin Sasolburg – Design and implementation of a teleconferencing audio and visual system in the main boardroom.
  • St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls Pretoria – Design and implementation of a loudspeaker system in the main 1500 seat Diocesan Hall. In-depth analysis and simulation was done to provide the optimal system design.
  • Every Nation Willows Tshwane – Design and implementation of an audio and visual distribution system in the 500 seat Family Hall.
  • Royal Danish Ice-cream – Design and implementation of an audio distribution system for hospitality venues.
  • Glenstantia Primary School – Design and implementation of an audio distribution system in the main assembly hall.



MVC5 is determined to make every opportunity a memorable experience with our detailed planning, our drive for perfection and passion for what we do.


MVC5 yearns to provide the highest quality of personalized service to present elegant solutions to our clients’ needs.








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