Getting the correct information


Sharing is caring. Information is at the tip of your fingers and with the right guidance that information can realise your dream. We are here for you. Let MVC5 into your world and let us make your dream a reality. We have acquired knowledge over years which we are ready to share with you. Consultation is not a prescription it is advice, and we are there for you even after the implementation. Our clients are the architects of their own solutions.

We look forward to finding the solution with you.

Getting the correct information
Buying and selling brands

Reputable Brands

Choice is a basic human right. MVC5 has no brand loyalty, but we will only supply and sell brands that are reputable and well supported. Fohhn is the only brand we import and support ourselves. You choose, we get it! We are always willing to offer alternatives if we believe it is in our client’s best interest. In the end the choice solely in your hands.

We have a vast supplier database where we can find the proverbial needle in the hay stack for you.

Buying and selling brands
No job is too big


To plan is one thing, execution is another. No job is too big for us. We are not shy to admit that we need a little help from our friends. Our teams are the best in the country and will ensure that implementation goes smooth. In the end our installations must sound, look and feel good. We will not leave you hanging and supply you with continues after sale services.

Implementation is where we display our clients’ wishes and celebrate victories together.

No job is too big

We have the right solution for you

Professional Audio/Lighting/Video


The corporate work environment has become a key area in all major companies. This not only includes Boardrooms, Huddle rooms and Presentation rooms, but anything from walk ways to the staff’s communal areas. With the resources that we have available today, we are more empowered than ever and MVC5 wants to help you get ahead of the trend, using state of the art and relevant equipment for your application. Not only can we assist you to seamlessly host meetings around the world with crystal clear audio and video, it will feel as if you are in the same room.

With a vast array of equipment suppliers for audio, visual and control products, we can make your experience hassle free.


Educational spaces are becoming more inclusive. Technological advances have changed the way teaching happens and students want to be taught in a way that is easy and inclusive. From the moment you write on the screen to the archive on the student’s device, we want to be there with every step of the way.

With industry leaders on our side that supplies state of the are equipment, we can help you not to get lost in translation.

Automation and control

Put the power back in your hands. System control has been a talking point with many buttons to push and having to walk from point A to Z to reach for all the on and off switches. Not anymore. Current automation and control systems integrate seamlessly with your devices providing that it is specified by us and compatible. Whether it is on your mobile device, a central panel on the wall or in the podium we can make sure you have the control where it is needed.

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